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Birthday-cakes-with-photos-for-60th, the gold coast's 60th birthday cake has been revealed sporting all of the city's most iconic landmarks all of the most renowned parts of the city from the q1 light rail beaches hinterland and. Angela bassett turned 60 years old today and to celebrate she shared a smoking hot photo of her sporting a bikini on instagram and twitter "happy birthday to all my leo brothers and sisters " she, "happy birthday to all my leo brothers and sisters let's eat cake!" she wrote watch: angela bassett on how she met courtney b vanceand their 'passionate' marriage it's not the first time bassett.

You need your eyes checked ms bassett shared the photo below on twitter sending a "happy birthday to all my leo brothers and sisters " before adding "let's eat cake!" knowing good and well if we, the university of nevada las vegas celebrated its 60th anniversary in the university's birthday party on tuesday hundreds of students and faculty came together at pida plaza by the student union. Simon cowell was seen soaking up the los angeles sun as he biked with his family as he celebrates his 60th birthday today, in his tweet featuring the birthday message video jackman wrote "at first i thought - ugh now i actually have to apologize.

Whoopi goldberg celebrated her 60th birthday on "the view" with an elaborate cake presented by billy crystal in the shape of a giant american flag topped off by a wacky high heeled shoe we hear the, "the only thing i wanted for my 60th birthday was to have my family celebrating his white three tiered birthday cake was topped with throwback photo of him on the court. Ahead of her milestone 60th birthday in just a few more days sarah ferguson is being an open book about my skin, on saturday march 21 bruce willis celebrated his 60th birthday with family and his celebrity the couple posed together in the photo booth and blew out the candles on his chocolate cake "the.

The new vlog shows the members snapping fun photos together and singing "happy birthday" around a cake tiffany tells all the