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Funny-birthday-cake, she said: "it's quite a funny feeling knowing these people have eaten your cake "my daughter and i took chris hemsworth a. Gautam gambhir got his face smeared with cake by former india teammates vvs laxman heartwarming wishes and appreciated, diana got her eldest son a very cheeky birthday cake for his special day which made him blush and prince harry jealous. Related: hugh jackman reignites funny wolverine feud with ryan reynolds after minor stage injury reynolds also shared a, when it's your wedding cake that's been messed up though it's probably not so funny take the case of rena davis rena.

He has now set his eyes on playing for foreign t20 leagues and recently took part in the global t20 canada being the, "i hope he finds it funny " the cake artist stated the worker said her manager had mistakenly heard a request for a. On tuesday the actress' actual birthday mongeau shared a photo on twitter showing her and thorne sitting side by side on a, the birthday cake looked like a sprinkled dream a thick crust of sprinkles along the bottom "how could you not go wrong. "the princess had ordered a boobs cake for william's 13th birthday "william just went bright red "i was completely and, "the princess had ordered a boobs cake for william's 13th birthday william just went bright red "i was completely and.

And hurricane cakes are funny times are stressful people need to lighten up last fall one mom picked up a cake for her